“Resilient Futures” framework is the foundation of the work I am doing because it is the only tool I know of that turns complexity into opportunity and enables multiple stakeholders to grasp what is possible quickly and to be involved.
— Kip Bergstrom, Deputy Commissioner, Dept. of Economic and Community Development, State of Connecticut, USA


In assisting organisations to pivot toward leveraging disruption, we provide a range of service opportunities designed to ease clients into a working relationship that works for them and the disruptive environment in which they find themselves. Once we have established common ground with our clients, we identify and customise a service that best suits their needs and shapes a way forward.

Pivoting the Disruption Narrative:

Talks, seminars and workshops that open the conversation for the active consideration of leveraging disruption.

Pivoting People:

Professional development to build a baseline capability to leverage disruption.

Pivoting Organisations:

Facilitating and coaching the formulation of Strategy in Action to leverage disruption

Pivoting with Peers:

The Resilient Futures Network – Networking with a group of likeminded peers who are on the same or similar journey towards leveraging disruption.


Pivoting the Disruption Narrative: Talks, Seminars & Workshops

Beginning the pivot toward leveraging disruption is best commenced through opening up a conversation that creates understanding, insight and acceptance of disruption and its implications.

Resilient Futures designs and delivers talks, presentations, conferences, summits and professional development seminars that open up the reality of disruption, makes the case for the need to take responsibility for its organisational and personal implications, reveals the opportunities and benefits that come with a considered decision to leverage disruptive change and the consequences of inaction.

Larry Quick & David Platt - Digital AI Summit 2019

Below are examples of some of the presentations we have designed and delivered:

Larry Quick - Opening Presentation: Future Work Summit 2019

Decoding Disruption: Understanding the drivers of disruption and their implications for your organisation and people.

Disruption Discovery: A sample of the broader Resilient Futures’ view of disruption that allows participants to take a ‘snapshot’ of the types of disruption that their organisation is, will or may face. We then reveal the potential strategic opportunity-risk within that disruption.

Disruption Ready Insights and Actions: The audience completes a sample disruption readiness diagnostic, explores the results and engages in a discussion or workshop that will result in the clear identification of any actions need to be taken.


Pivoting People: Professional Development

We have made quantum leaps in our thinking and how we see the world.
— Jane Grover, CEO SMCT

We deliver two course pathways designed to progressively develop personal and workforce mindset, skill-set and the strategic focus to leverage disruption.

Leveraging Disruption Through Strategy in Action

  1. Thinking Strategy in Action (SiA) – An introduction to the SiA framework and approach. SiA is designed specifically for the challenges of disruptive change and to enable people within organisations, at any level, to proactively generate strategy to leverage disruption.

  2. Strategy in Action Accelerator – An intensive multi-session program that supports participants to apply SiA to a project of their choosing.

  3. Strategy in Action Deep Dive – A course that deeply embeds the practice of SiA into people as a way of generating strategy at all levels of the organisation.

Foundations for Leveraging Disruption

  1. Decoding Disruption – Exploring the key drivers of disruption, clearing the chaos of the perceived doom of disruption and revealing the six competencies needed to leverage disruptive change.

  2. Developing a Personal Growth Plan for Leveraging Disruption – Workshopping the six competencies into an actionable plan toward leveraging disruption.

  3. Shaping a Workforce View of the Organisation’s Readiness to Leverage Disruption – Based on the insights gained and competencies developed up to this point on the pathway, participants complete a diagnostic to provide feedback to the organisation on its capability to leverage disruption. The insights drawn from the diagnostic are presented and participants explore potential actions at individual, workforce

    and organisational levels.


Pivoting Organisations: Strategic Facilitation

I think traditional approaches to strategy and planning have probably reached their use-by date and you need a dynamic, innovative and responsive approach to strategy and planning. And I think Strategy in Action is that.
— Prof. Peter Dawkins, Vice Chancellor, Victoria University

Strategy in Action (SiA) is Resilient Futures’ unique strategy framework – designed for leveraging opportunity and mitigating risk in fast-moving environments. In particular, SiA enables organisations, at scale and across all levels, to quickly formulate and execute timely and agile strategy in response to disruptive change.

All Resilient Futures work in support of organisational strategy development is based on teaching and coaching organisations in the application of SiA to support the activation of a refreshed strategic focus. Leaders, teams and key staff are guided through the process of aligning on the realities of their strategic context and then identifying priority areas of focus within that context. These priorities are then validated against an existing strategy or used to chart a new strategic direction.

Throughout this type of program, Resilient Futures also acts in both an objective observer and coaching capacity by providing feedback and critique regarding the overall quality of the thinking and outputs that drive the strategic focus.

Most critically, SiA facilitation helps organisations pivot their focus to strategy that leverages disruption.


Pivoting with Peers: The Resilient Futures Network

The Resilient Futures Network is comprised of people at all stages of the disruption leveraging journey. Some are just entering the space for the first time while others are already committed to leveraging disruption. In all cases, network members are keen to dig into disruption and to share their insights and learn with each other. Membership in the RF Network is free, as are most network member services, and includes access to a number of free resources.


Every organisation’s pathway to disruption readiness is unique and tailored to their specific conditions.

To find out how we can best assist you or your organisation to begin the process of leveraging disruption: