Resilient Futures supports you and your organisation to navigate and leverage disruption in an exponentially changing environment.


In a time when disruption is everywhere, it is crucially important to be ready to meet and leverage disruption.  To survive, organisations need think ahead, embrace disruption, and harness the energy of change.

Resilient Futures provides the diagnostics and tools for organisations committed to taking advantage of disruption in all its forms.

Our team of expert strategists will work with you to find the starting point that is best for your organisation's journey to disruption readiness through the application of our unique framework, Strategy in Action.

We will tailor a solution that will align with your current situation and requirements -  whether that is through short talks and presentations, disruption readiness testing, reviewing and stress testing your existing strategy, providing professional development for members of your team or engaging in a new strategic planning process.



Resilient Futures is dedicated to enabling organisations to "change ahead of change" by seeing disruption as a headwind, not a tailwind.  Based in the Macedon Ranges, north of Melbourne..

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