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Do you have a strategic methodology that delivers refined strategic thinking, in action and drives value-adding outcomes while focusing on leveraging disruptive change and managing business as usual?

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Strategy in Action (SiA) enables organisations to take their disruption readiness to a whole new level for leveraging disruption and generating sustainable value – at the same time as focusing on business as usual.

In today’s disruptive environment It is clear that old, conventional means of formulating strategy, innovation, transformation and business plans are highly sub-optimal for delivering sustainable value. In fact such means are more likely to drive deeper strategic risk than they are to optimise strategic opportunity.

Six Sigma, Lean and other conventions were designed to deliver value in a by-gone era. And while the introduction of Design Thinking and Agile may have their place, they in themselves fail to formulate robust and actionable strategy equipped to leverage disruption and generate sustainable value.

With Strategy in Action (SiA) organisations are able to equip strategists for the realities of disruptive change and potentially embed a common framework and language for robust strategic thinking and formulation in all levels of the organisation. Such thinking is paired with focused strategic action – to leverage disruptive change whilst maintaining business as usual.

Strategy for Leveraging Disruption: Strategy & Innovation for Continuous Transformation as Business as Usual is a half day workshop and networking lunch that enables participants to:

  1. Enhance their understanding of disruption and why understanding disruptive change is a critical competency required to succeed in today’s operating environment.

  2. Understand the key concepts of Strategy in Action (SiA) and how, when and why it meets the need for a critical shift in the strategic thinking applied by organisations grappling with today’s disruptive change.

  3. Experience the use of SiA through the application of the framework and tools to a small project of their choice.

  4. Identify how SiA may be applied within their organisation and used as a tool for strategy, innovation and transformation.

  5. Have the opportunity to participate in the Leaders Leveraging Disruption Network, attend future events and share with other’s their experience in the application of SiA.


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