“Resilient Futures” framework is the foundation of the work I am doing because it is the only tool I know of that turns complexity into opportunity and enables multiple stakeholders to grasp what is possible quickly and to be involved.
— Kip Bergstrom, Deputy Commissioner, Dept. of Economic and Community Development, State of Connecticut, USA

How we work with you

Every organisation has a unique starting point. This starting- point acts as a ‘proof-of-value’ project that provides you with immediate, implementable outcomes and demonstrates how we work. All of our services are delivered in person and through online facilitation and come with instructional materials.

Based on the outcomes of the proof of value project, we begin to design a pathway of growth and a program of specific services that will take you toward being able to future-proof your organisation. We do this by packaging services specifically based on your organisation’s needs. Every program is custom made.

Some examples of our services include:

To get started, get in contact and let us assess how we can best work with you and your situation.

Make your conference, retreat or event worthwhile.

Resilient Futures offers a range of services to add measurable value to your conferences, seminars, forums, presentations and events.

While the specific content of a roadshow may change over time due to changes in disruptive conditions, generally topics and subjects are framed as follows:

Decoding Disruption: Understanding the drivers of disruption and their implications for their organisation and people.

Disruption Discovery: A sample of the broader Resilient Futures’ service that allows participants to take a ‘snapshot’ of the types of disruptors that their organisation may face, and to reveal the potential strategic opportunity-risk inherent within such disruption.

Disruption Ready Insights and Actions: Participating organisations complete a sample disruption readiness diagnostic and then explore their results and engage in discussion on what actions need to be taken.