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Future Work Summit 2019

Opening Presentation

Part 1 - Larry Quick

Globally, job security and stability are in decline. There is an increasing lack of control in the face of uncertainty, and growing implications upon mental health and work, yet we as a society are still lying to ourselves. What is the great big lie we keep spreading about the future of work, jobs, the world, and ourselves?

 Part 2 - David Platt

"60%, roughly, of organisations will tell us that they had the right mindset to leverage disruption, to change ahead of change. They then say they don't have a great understanding of what they need to change to in terms of capability development." Exponential change is accelerating at an uncontrollable rate, yet most organisations still are not sure how to best deal with it. The answer? Unlock the internal strategic capability within individuals and bring it alive.



Full Interactive Workshop

Larry Quick and David Platt talk on Digital Transformation and AI in Workplaces, in an interactive workshop.

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