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Are you taking charge of your personal future work? Or, are you waiting for your organisation or others to do it for you? How useful would it be to develop and own a strategy fit for your work in the future?

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All work is being disrupted – irrespective of qualification, role or tenure. In this environment of rapid change, there are no guarantees that any skillset or work will remain valued.

Organisations, work and our workforce are in a constant state of complex and accelerated disruption. Rapidly moving technology, changing work habits, new business models and global competitive pressures are but a few disruptors that are changing the working landscape forever. The future of work is a mystery to many, if not most.

Learning and development departments are doing their best to understand the future of work and provide staff with the appropriate learning opportunities and training programs. However, they themselves are caught in the same dilemma as those they are supporting. That is, in continuous disruption, trying to understand the future of work so they too can maintain the right insights and skills to be an effective part of providing secure work for their workforce andorganisation.

In this situation, people within organisations must play a significant role in determining their own, individual future work. They must be equipped for the realities of disruptive change and be proactive strategists in determining the skills that they require to be active and valued participants in any organisation or workforce of the future.

Without such a co-creation and partnership, employers will not be able to bear the load of demystifying the work of the future; never mind providing training and skill development or guaranteeing secure employment into the future. In this environment, employees can expect insecurity at best and redundancy at worst.

By attending Owning Your Future Work, you will begin to develop your strategy for work in the future. The session will introduce you to an ‘I am Strategist’ mindset and start to equip you with the understanding, strategies and tools required to make yourself personally ready to leverage disruptive change and create meaningful, secure work into your future.

  1. Understand what it means to be a strategist for their own personal means, and to set the goals they are wanting to achieve in taking such a stand.

  2. Enhance their understanding of disruption and why understanding disruptive change is a critical competency required to succeed in today’s operating environment.

  3. Gain insights into how to re-think their skills, work and role within the context of the disruptive environment that they and their organisation are facing.

  4. Begin to adopt new thinking and tools for the formulation of a personal future work strategy focused on owning their future work. Critical to this is dealing with the realities and responsibilities that go ‘hand in hand’ with having secure work and incomes in an increasingly uncertain and disruptive future.

  5. Have the opportunity to participate in the Leaders Leveraging Disruption Network, attend future events and share with other’s their experience in investing in their disruption readiness and taking a stand for ‘I am Strategist’.


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