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Secure Nutritious Food:
Creating a Movement Toward Real Nutritious Food Security


The purpose of Resilient Futures is to:

Help people and organisations leverage disruptive change

In doing so our primary focus is to motivate, educate and coach people and organisations to generate sustainable value.

By that we mean:

• Generate – inspire, trigger, provoke, cause, or bring to life

• Sustainable – maintain socially, economically and environmentally

• Value – worth or usefulness, importance or the value that is placed upon it

 During the course of our work in analysing trends and conditions as they are now or emerging in the future we come across what we see as critical flaws in where a particular industry or sector may be heading. For instance for the past nine years we have been activists for re-inventing manufacturing through our MicroManufacturing platform.

In doing so our job is not to drive a movement to completion but to act as a catalyst for change where others more closely linked to the issue can pick up what we have commenced and progress it forward.

All such activities are closely related to our purpose – to help people and organisations leverage disruptive change.


In the case of secure nutritious food we are hoping to catalyse a movement that drives a change in:

the availability, access and use of secure, nutritious food that sustains Australians in a way that optimises our health and well-being, productivity and wealth and lowers the cost of health care and increases our richness of life.

Our opening thoughts are these:

 Currently Australia is suffering from a lack of nutritious food. Most of the food on supermarket shelves is junk, with little nutritious value, not fit for human health (as food is intended), expensive for the value you get from it, and devalues what our social, economic and environmental ecosystem is capable of producing. In fact it is the reverse of the true meaning of food - any nutritious substance that people or animals eat or drink or that plants absorb in order to maintain life and growth.

This is having an enormous impact on our health (physical and mental), our real cost of health care, our ability to live full and productive lives, and in particular, failing to provide our kids with the benefit of a health-based childhood that prepares them for adulthood.

 But not only is this a human health issue, it is also a national security issue. Currently Australia is not nutritious food secure! Around three quarters of the food on a supermarket shelf is either non-nutritious or at best from a nutritional value, not worthy of consumption – even from those vendors that claim themselves to be fresh food providers.

 When we here about an emerging issue like food security for Australians we don’t hear more of the same that we have. We think of what is food and what we really need to be food secure.


We see the way ahead to accelerate a move toward the affordable access to sustainable secure, nutritious food for all is to provide a simple platform for us and others to tell stories, create networks and movements and to actively lobby for change.

We hope you are able to join us in the endeavour.

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