Is Your Organisation Ready to Leverage Disruption and Generate Sustainable Value?

Understanding what it is to be ready to leverage disruption is a challenge for today’s organisational leaders. Without baseline objective insights into their current level of readiness, organisations and their leaders are vulnerable to the impacts of disruptive change, at risk of failure and, critically, likely to miss out on opportunities to leverage disruption. In fact, they are more likely to fall foul of disruption’s consequences and the strategic risk implications that will follow.

Through 20 years of experience and research, Resilient Futures has identified eight critical indicators that organisations must address if they are serious about leveraging disruption. Without understanding and embracing these eight indicators, it is highly likely that an organisation will slip into a state of Managed Adaptive Decline

(MAD) whereby they enter a well-managed cycle of adaptation to declining conditions. MADness deeply compromises an organisation’s ability to generate

Leading the Disruption Ready Organisation: Eight Indicators that Every Organisation Must Address is an executive working breakfast focussed on insights into practical approaches to embracing and leveraging disruption.

Prior to the session, participants complete a confidential, de-identified diagnostic survey that provides them with immediate insights into their organisation’s readiness to leverage disruption.

At the breakfast, a presentation and roundtable discussion will provide participants the opportunity to question, share and discuss their views in light of aggregate, de-identified diagnostic results.

Participants will also be introduced to the Disruption Readiness Action Plan (DRAP) - designed to assist with commencing the journey toward disruption readiness.

Following the workshop, participants will have the opportunity to join the Leaders Leveraging Disruption Executive Network, attend future events and, in a secure environment, share with other executives their experience in developing and implementing their Disruption Readiness Action Plan (DRAP).

Key takeaways will be:

  1. Understanding the scope, scale, speed and systemic impact of the broad disruptive change challenging organisations

  2.  Insights into the disruption readiness of your organisation compared to the aggregate of the group over the Eight Indicators of Disruption Readiness

  3. Introduction to the Disruption Readiness Action Plan (DRAP)

  4. Opportunity to hear where other organisations are at in terms of their Disruption Readiness and Disruption Readiness Action Planning