Food for Thought is a downloadable briefing paper with links to information sources that provide a dynamic overview about a critical subject of the time, so that you have in-depth resources at hand when you need them.

Future of Work

Too often we think our future will resemble our past and we rely on that thinking to be successful in the future. To add to this, we often apply this thinking with a limited understanding of the depth of disruptive change on organisations and their people. This FfT is provided to stimulate thinking, knowledge and conversation on key aspects of the future of work, the role you might play in being disruption ready, and the role you will play in your organisation…

Smart Building Products

Smart construction materials, also known as intelligent materials, active materials and adoptive materials, are those that have the capability to respond to changes in their condition or the environment to which they are exposed, in a useful and controlled manner. What are these materials and why should we care about them?


The Disruption Report is a publication produced annually by Resilient Futures which provides a comprehensive view of the capability of organisations to leverage disruption, and the key types of disruption they face.

The Disruption Report: What Australian Business Leaders Think 2016

In the summer of 2015/16 Resilient Futures asked more than 280 Australian business leaders for their views about disruption, and The Disruption Report 2016 provides the data and insights from this survey about the disruption that organisations are currently experiencing and what their leaders think the future may hold.

Disruption Ready Australia: 2019 (COMING SOON)


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Detailed Research


MicroManufacturing is a fast-emerging industry sector that has the potential to revolutionise manufacturing in Australia. As with other industries that have emerged, engaging and empowering a movement requires understanding and aligning on essential aspects of the change.

The purpose of this document is to outline for leaders some of those key factors in sectors critical to ensuring the successful development of MicroManufacturing – industry, education and government.


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Want our latest research delivered to your inbox? Join the RF Network for free, and see our research first.

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