I would definitely recommend Resilient Futures to other organisations. But those organisations would have to have a real preparedness to be put under the spotlight, to have an open mind. I think that’s where the benefit of a process like this really shines through. It can confirm for those people that change is inevitable, but growth is optional. So for us, being a part of that with Resilient Futures and the outcomes we’ve had, we’d have absolutely no hesitation. But I’d put that caveat there, you have to be prepared to have a look at what you’ve done, has it worked, and be prepared for change.
— Jerome Smith, MD Sovereign Financial

A fresh approach to a tough challenge


Shifting an organisation’s focus from avoiding disruption to embracing it and leveraging it can be a tough challenge. We understand this and that for many organisations, institutionalising the capability to leverage disruption in the way we approach it is not normal practice. Hence, Resilient Futures’ unique tools and approach will more than likely present as novel or non-conventional. For some organisational decision-makers, a fresh approach at such times can be a positive, and for others a negative.

We recognise this and have learned that the pathway to opening, gaining, building and maintaining healthy, win-win working relationships is as important as the services and outcomes we achieve with our clients.

Our experience has shown that the best pathway is through the following steps:

1. Establish common ground and build trust +

Resilient Futures’ first step is to build credibility and gain trust by easing into a working relationship. This usually starts with developing a shared understanding of our client’s issues around immediate and emergent disruptive change and a credentials presentation by Resilient Futures that cites our experience in dealing with the issues being faced by the organisation and our reflection on how Resilient Futures might assist. In this way, we establish common ground with organisational decision-makers as to how we may work together in the future.

2. Start small and grow smart +

We also understand that for most organisations, any transformation can be a big step and can often appear as risky as sticking to conventional practices. Given that organisations also need to manage business as usual while any transformation is taking place, we don’t expect or recommend that our clients jump in 100% from the outset and we don’t suggest starting with any projects that aim to ‘boil the ocean’. With this in mind, we co-create, with our clients, a relatively low risk ‘proof of value’ project that can be completed at either a convenient time, or at a time based on the urgency of a specific need. We prefer the former but are finding that we are increasingly being brought in at times when a critical need has already arisen. That can be the nature of exponentially unfolding disruptive change and the risk of slipping into MADness.

3. Achieve four key constants +

After completing a proof of value project, we then work with our clients to determine their interest in continuing further on the journey toward leveraging disruption – most typically through a program designed to pivot their organisation and their people. For our clients, this means drawing a clear line in the sand and making a commitment to pivoting towards understanding and embracing the reality of disruptive change and the demand to leverage disruption rather than fall foul of its consequences. Essentially, through a suite of services which include talks, seminars, professional development programs, strategic facilitation, coaching and membership in the Resilient Futures Network, we help clients to continuously:

Be disruption aware and ready: Deeply understand the reality of today’s disruption and maintain the disruption readiness of your organisation and people.

Embed active strategic capability: Develop and embed the capability – mindset, skill-set, and strategic focus within your people and organisation to be self-reliant and directly respond to disruptive change rather than relying on others or outsourcing to third parties.

Change ahead of change: Identify emerging disruption, manage it as both an opportunity and a risk, and align strategy, business models and capability in sync with changing conditions to change ahead of change to leverage disruption and mitigate risk.

Generate authentic and sustainable value: Constantly align organisational capabilities to emergent conditions so that they deliver optimal value – productivity and profitability - at any one time.

4. Transfer knowledge and share experience +

Our whole approach is based on transferring our knowledge and capability to our clients for their on- going use; with our continuous support – where and when needed. For us, this is how true strategic agility is achieved and is fundamental to organisations and people being able to pivot, continuously, with a purpose of the purpose of leveraging disruptive change. Over time, this builds the internal capability of an organisation and its people to always be ready to leverage disruption – on their own terms.

Our Services


Which each organisation’s journey looks different, and every program is tailor made to suit the organisation’s needs, we offer four key services, each with a specific pivoting focus.

A Starting Point


We recommend starting with an opening credentials presentation and discussion. This can be organised as ‘face to face’, or via a tele-meet. Prior to any such meeting Resilient Futures is happy to provide any additional information that may be required.

At the same time, we invite all current and prospective clients to participate in the Resilient Futures Network. This is a great way to broaden understanding of disruption and its impacts – without making a firm commitment to a working relationship. The Network also offers deeper insight into disruptive change, the work we do and connects our clients with each other to share experiences.

As a first step toward a potential partnership, we recommend the completion of a ‘proof of value’ engagement so both parties can authentically assess the value in working together and begin to identify a way forward.

From our experience, this is best achieved on a project-by-project basis until it becomes clear as to which Resilient Futures services make sense as to the basis for an on-going program and partnership that best suits our client’s needs.