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Building Disruption Ready Capability: Workshop

  • Victoria University 300 Flinders Street Melbourne, VIC, 3000 Australia (map)

Are you investing in the capability fit for disruptive change?

60% of organisations report that they DO NOT have the right skill-set to leverage disruption.
— Disruption Ready Australia Report Card 2019

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Building Disruption Ready Capability: From Chaos to Competency is a half-day insights workshop that will start by challenging those responsible for developing organisational capability to identify the realities of the emerging conditions impacting their organisation. Then, in that context, participants will identify the priority capabilities in which to invest to start the journey toward organisational transformation and talent transition – all with the purpose of leveraging the disruptive change that is shaping the realities of the disruptive future for organisations.

Resilient Futures’ data strongly indicates that in too many organisations, the preparations for leveraging disruption are highly inadequate. Leaders responsible for their organisation’s people capability have, at best, a theoretical understanding of the urgency of disruption. There is a lack of clarity about what needs to be done and how to do it. More so, most organisations lack a roadmap that enables continuously re-thinking and re-building the capability to leverage disruption as it unfolds.

As a participant in this half-day interactive insights workshop facilitated by Resilient Futures’ David Platt you will:

1. Build your understanding of disruption and why understanding disruptive change is a critical competency required to succeed in today’s operating environment.

2. Be presented with data that highlights the current disruption readiness of your organisation as compared to a representative view of all those attending the workshop.

3. Use the data to align on key emergent conditions, opportunities and risks for your organisation and its people.

4. Work with practical concepts and tools - like the Capability Matrix, Conscious-Competency  Check and Capability Mapping - that will enable you to dive deep into your organisation’s future capability requirements.

5. Commence the development of a roadmap focussed on continuously investing in the right capability to take advantage of opportunity and mitigate risk within ongoing disruption.

6. Have the opportunity to participate in the Resilient Futures’ Network to attend future events and share with other’s your experience in investing in capability.

7. Receive updates from Resilient Futures on key changes in conditions impacting Australia organisations.

For: Anyone responsible for investing in organisational capability to generate sustainable value - Learning & Development, Human Resources, Strategy Management, Organisational Development and more…

Price: $450 (plus GST)

Participant places are limited. Please book early to avoid disappointment.

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