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Disruption Ready People: Workshop

  • Victoria University 300 Flinders Street Melbourne Australia (map)

Are You and Your Organisation Aligned to Leverage Disruption – Organisationally and Personally?

50% report that their organisational culture is not conducive to people making the changes required to leverage disruption
— Disruption Ready Report Card 2019

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Disruption Ready People = Disruption Ready Organisation: Aligning People and Organisations to Leverage Disruption is a half-day workshop that provides an environment for people to re-think their skills, work and role within the context of the disruptive environment that their organisation is facing. Critical to that is dealing with the realities and responsibilities that go ‘hand in hand’ with having secure work and incomes in an increasingly uncertain future.

It also provides an insights into a framework for people to understand the strength of their and their organisations disruption readiness, and to gauge the alignment of both parties to share in the effective joint creation of disruption readiness to leverage disruption to generate sustainable value – for both parties.

It is no wonder that dissatisfaction and dysfunction are rife within many organisations. Constant disorientation through reorganisation that appears illogical and ill-conceived demotivates and depresses productivity. This loss of productivity is only one cost to organisations. Mental illness such as depression and anxiety are additional outcomes from any re-organisation that come from ‘out of the blue’.

While disrupted organisations play a significant role in the disruption of people, people also play a significant part in whether their organisation is disruption ready – or not.

Thriving in today’s fast-changing disruptive environment requires that people understand the realities of work in the 21st century, their role in it and what they might achieve through it, or not. Disruption, whether through technology, social and economic change or in other forms demands that people and organisations work together to co-create a disruption ready future.


As a participant in this workshop facilitated by Resilient Futures’ you will:

1. Enhance your understanding of disruption and why understanding disruptive change is a critical competency required to succeed in today’s operating environment

2. Explore data that highlights the current disruption readiness of Australian organisations and what that is telling us about key issues such as capability development that must be addressed

3. Insights into critical questions people need to answer to embrace the reality of disruptive change and to assess whether their committed to the disruption readiness of their organisation

4. Compare your assessment with the whole participant group (de-identified) to gain an understanding of where you think your organisations is at 

5. Commence the development of a roadmap focussed on building disruption readiness

6. Have the opportunity to participate in the Resilient Futures’ Network to attend future events and share with other’s your experience in investing in disruption readiness

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