Disrupted provides deep insight into the nature of exponential change and the forces behind it that manifest within many organisations as disruption.

The stories in Disrupted are simple and relatable, and the SiA framework is broken down into its elements — each also illustrated with clear, relevant and up-to-date examples of how leveraging disruption can lead to amazing opportunities.


The Disruption Readiness Test

The Disruption Readiness Test (DRT), challenges leaders to test their organization’s disruption readiness and identify the actions required to effectively leverage disruption. The DRT gets readers quickly up to speed with disruption, and what it means to strategically and actively leverage disruption. It also lays out the key insights and research that led to the development of the DRT. And, critically, it outlines the preparations that readers need to take to benefit from—rather than be blind-sided by—the disruptors that will transform their organization, industry, and sector.