10 minutes and 20 questions will provide the answer

About the Disruption Ready Organisation - Insights diagnostic survey

Disruption Ready Organisation: Insights is a diagnostic survey that asks organisational leaders to take 10 minutes to answer 20 questions about the disruption readiness of their organisation.

In doing so, it allows leaders to self-assess their organisation and take action accordingly. It also confidentially allows that assessment to form a part of a larger survey and report through which leaders will be able to see how their organisation is placed in the context of the data and insights gained from all participating organisations.

In completing the diagnostic/survey, you will confidentially:

  • Examine and understand your organisation’s readiness to take advantage of disruption – in all its forms (e.g. digital, physical, business models, social, economic, etc.),

  • Receive immediate feedback about action that can be taken – based on the result for your organisation,

  • Contribute to data illustrating the current state of disruption readiness of organisations – as we enter a critical period in which the convergence of multiple disruptors will further accelerate rates of change, and

  • Be able to compare your organisation’s result - against benchmarks which are established through Resilient Futures’ confidential analysis of all responses.

For the purposes of this diagnostic survey, disruption is defined as:

Any change in conditions that limits or prohibits an organsation’s or leader’s ability to generate sustainable value.

This is the second organisational disruption readiness study undertaken by Resilient Futures and also complements internal assessments completed within organisations – both large and small. For more information regarding Resilient Futures please visit our homepage.

As you take the diagnostic survey, please remember that this is about an honest self-assessment of your organisation - to gain insight and to guide / focus any ensuing action. Please respond accordingly.

At the end of this diagnostic survey, you will be provided with your results which will give you an objective view of how you think your organisation is currently placed in relation to the kinds of issues that leaders should be considering now and into the future in a fast-changing, disruptive world.

It is recommended that you print or save a copy of these results for future reference.

what will we do with the data?

All responses to the DRO Insights diagnostic survey will be de-identified, confidentially analysed and combined into a global Disruption Readiness 2019 report.

In addition, all responses from Australian organisations will be extracted from the total data set to contribute to a national Disruption Ready Australia 2019 report.

Additional data snapshots by country and / or by region may also be extracted.

Also, at the end of the Insights diagnostic survey, should you wish to receive a copy of either / both reports, you will be asked to provide an email address for correspondence.

Otherwise, all Disruption Ready 2019 reports and associated data snapshots will be made available from February 2019 via the Resilient Futures website and our social media channels.

Finally, privacy and confidentially are of the utmost importance to us. As such, all data will be securely stored, individual responses de-identified and any analysis / reporting based only on aggregate data sets.

If you have any questions about the Insights diagnostic survey and / or difficulty with functionality, please contact Resilient Futures via email below.

Thank you for your time and your considered responses to Disruption Ready Organisation: Insights.

Download a PDF of key terms and definitions

For further information or to ask questions, please contact:

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