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All work, roles, skill development and learning are being disrupted. As an L&D professional, how useful would it be to understand and lead a new approach to learning and development that allows you to drive the future of work in your organisation - in partnership with its people?

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Disruptive change in work and workplaces is happening now. Too few organisations are prepared to lead, teach and partner with employees to shape the mindset and skill-set required for the people and the organisation to leverage such disruptive change and generate sustainable value. Being capable of providing the right partnership, guidance and program development for employees requires a shift in the approach to identifying, delivering and accrediting training that is fit for the future of work.

This reality provides a unique opportunity for learning and development professionals to focus their efforts by re-thinking how they can:

1. Better understand disruption, the future of work and its impact on people and organisations,

2. Gain the commitment of employees to understand, determine and own their future work,

3. Drive the requirements for the future of work within their organisations, and

4. Develop an organisational Future Work Capability Strategy

Driving the Future of Work: A New Mindset, Skill-set and Strategic Action is a half-day interactive workshop and networking lunch is for L&D professionals to begin to drive the future of work as a leader that leverages disruptive change impacting work and workplaces.

The workshop format includes pre-session materials, participation in a facilitated workshop comprising a review of key concepts, small group activities and whole participant group discussion, an invitation to join a follow-up webinar in which participants will further explore insights and questions and highlight any post workshop action that is underway and the opportunity to join the Leaders Leveraging Disruption Network, attend future events and share knowledge and experience.

After completing the workshop, participants will have:

a. An enhanced understanding of disruptive change as a context for the workshop dialogue and activities

b. Identified the key disruptors – external and internal – impacting organisations and their endeavours to drive the future of work

c. Commenced the formulation of key elements of an organisational Future Work Capability Strategy

d. An approach for partnering with employees to assist them to take responsibility for developing and owning their own strategy for their future work.


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