Resilient Futures have delivered services to a variety of different industries and organisations. These include:

Example Projects and Programs

Below is a brief list of client work we have recently completed. Please note that as our work is highly confidential, and we are not in a position to identify some of our clients or the specific scope of works completed.


Over a four year program we have trained and coached the organisational leadership group – from directors to supervisors – in Strategy in Action (SiA) to enable them to formulate their own strategy - as and when needed. We have also supported the organisation in the objective review of their strategy (the conditions and strategic opportunities and risks they are or may face) to stress test their view against a broader view of conditions shaping the future of their industry and as background for board reviews.

Presented a 90-minute session Leading to Leverage Disruption to 750 senior leaders as part of a one-day internal leadership conference. During this time we outlined the key factors and issues that the group needed to take into account and explored the implications of disruption for the broader financial services industry. The group was then engaged in a workshop to clarify the specific disruptors that they, their teams and their area of business are or may be facing and identified any immediate actions that could be taken to address such disruptors.  


Assisted in the delivery of a new Strategy and Annual Corporate Plan focussed on reinventing the organisation so that its physical assets and infrastructure continued to deliver a relevant and iconic experience for Melbourne city. The intention of this was to maintain Federation Square’s status as a critical asset and infrastructure that is essential to the future of the city and its state; continues to pursue innovation that increases exposure, space utilisation and revenue flows; and contributes financial sustainability into the future.


Evaluated a range of pre-identified potentially high-value strategic investments and supported the identification of new initiatives. In the context of an increasingly competitive marketplace, both in the State of Victoria and across Australia more broadly. The focus of this project was to assist with determining which of the full suite of proposed investments would serve to underpin a strategy focussed on locking-in competitive advantage while maximising return on investment and value generation into the future.

Large Technology Firm


Conducted a Disruption Ready Organisation diagnostic with the organisation’s leadership team and a Disruption Ready People diagnostic with a self-nominated group of staff from across a wide range of departments, at all levels of responsibility and time employed with the organisation. Analysis of the results demonstrated that the leadership team and staff were not on the same page when it comes to key issues of disruption readiness. This provided a clear view of the immediate action that could be taken to address the obvious gaps and to also take advantage of the clear strengths that were also identified. 

A complete list of our clients, past and present:


Goulburn Ovens Institute of TAFE





Parks Victoria

Royal Freemasons Aged Care

Seafood Industry Victoria

Sovereign Financial Group

Southern Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust

Victorian TAFE Association

Victoria University Polytechnic

Victoria University

Wannon Water

Anglican Church of Southern Queensland


Australian Health Policy Collaboration

Australian National Exhibitions

Building Products Innovation Council

Central Victorian Group Training (CVGT)


Charter Hall

City of Armadale (WA)



Defence, Science and Technology Group

Department of Environment, Land and Water

Ericsson Australia

Federation Square Pty Ltd


Paradigm Partners with the City of Hoboken

Rhode Island Department of State Development

Rhode Island Economic Policy Council

Rhode Island Sustainable Tourism Lab

Stamford Redevelopment Corporation

Town of Smithfield

Blackstone Valley Tourism Commission

Bridgeport (CT) Innovation Places

Central Connecticut State University

City of Cranston

City of Providence

City of Pawtucket

CT Department of Labour

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