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Disrupted: Strategy for Exponential Change is a guidebook to the exponential era and a toolbox for proactively leveraging this change. By exploring well-known examples of disruption-opportunists like Apple and Tesla Motors, Disrupted helps readers to understand the kind of “strategic thinking” that allow teams and leaders to confidently pursue opportunities with a shared strategic language, and a methodology designed for timely and agile execution at all levels of their organization.

The only thing that won’t change is the knowledge that everything will. Disruption is the theme of the world of the 21st century, and Disrupted is a must read for anyone who wants to live there.
— Ben Hammersley | Futurist | Author


The Disruption Readiness Test gets readers quickly up to speed with disruption, and what it means to actively leverage it. It lays out the insights and research that led to the development of the Disruption Readiness Test, an online tool for self-assessing an organization's preparedness to leverage disruption. And, critically, it outlines the preparation that readers need to make to benefit from--rather than be blind-sided by--the disruptors that will inevitably transform their organization, industry, and sector.

Will your organization pass the test of its times? Take it and find out.

Larry and David correctly identify the nature of disruptive change and its quicksilver speed and how we can use that energy to keep ahead. I’ll give a copy (of Disrupted) to everyone in the company and ask them to tell me what we should be doing next.
— John Howkins - Author, The Creative Economy, and Creative Ecologies: Where Thinking is a Proper Job

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