Our Manifesto

Why We Do What We Do


Globally, a critical threshold has been breached. Rapid, disruptive change is the norm.

The choice of whether to embrace and leverage disruption or ignore it and accept the consequences is a decision that we all must make.

While some are actively leveraging disruption, too many have misunderstood, ignored or put it on the ‘back-burner’. For those not embracing and leveraging disruption, our research has revealed a rapidly emerging behaviour we call MAD - Managed Adaptive Decline.

MAD is a state where an organisation or a person creates an illusion of progress and a false sense of security by gradually adapting to declining conditions in a seemingly well-managed and productive manner. The process of gradual adaptation masks an exponentially unfolding spiral from relevance to irrelevance. Eventually, disruptive change dominates, and the creation of authentic and sustainable productivity and profitability systemically shuts down. At some point during the descent into MAD, reality usually strikes, fear and insecurity reign and the journey out of MAD becomes increasingly problematic. This is the ‘boiling frog’ metaphor at its best.

At Resilient Futures we reject MADness. We see that if disruptive change is understood and embraced and the appropriate tools and guidance are provided, most organisations and people can leverage disruption and grow. This leads to:

• Capable, productive, profitable and sustainable organisations

• Competent, committed and confident people

• Organisational leaders continuously focussed on and ready to leverage disruption

• Healthy, robust and active communities in which we want to live

We believe that decline and doom are NOT the inevitable outcomes of this era of rapid, exponential disruption. In fact this type of thinking only exists because people don’t fully understand what is happening, and why, and are yet to adopt the mindset, skill-set and strategic focus to enable themselves and their organisations to leverage disruptive change. We have the evidence and experience to prove this assertion, and the thinking and tools to make it happen. So we choose to leverage disruption and to help others do the same.

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Larry Quick and David Platt

Founders, Resilient Futures