Resilient Futures works with organisations to apply the thinking and tools required to leverage disruption.

The Resilient Futures definition of disruption is: the consequences, intended and unintended, of rapid (often exponential) change bought about by digital and physical technologies as well as non-technological change such as social unrest, economic uncertainty, political instability ecological transformation.

Our approach is based on twenty five years of experience in working with organisations around the world. In today’s operating environment, no organisation or industry is or will be untouched by disruption and all organisational leaders must make a choice – see disruption as a tailwind and act to leverage it, or view it as a headwind and fall foul of its consequences.

Resilient Futures can be engaged in a number of ways including facilitation of strategy development, training in strategy development, management coaching and speaking and presentations – all with the objective of applying Strategy in Action to ensure that organisations:

  • Have clear insight into disruption in all its forms,

  • Understand their current level of disruption readiness,

  • Are aligned on the realities of their current and future operating landscape,

  • Act to pursue strategic opportunity and mitigate strategic risk,

  • Empower the leadership capability required for leveraging disruption, and

  • Develop and implement strategies that make sense.

A primary element of our approach is to transfer our thinking and knowledge to our clients for them to use as they wish on an on-going basis.

We also research and produce the Disruption Report – a comprehensive view of the capability of organisations to leverage disruption, and the key types of disruption they face.

We have published two books – Disrupted: Strategy for Exponential Change, and The Disruption Readiness Test both available on Amazon.


Strategy in Action (SiA) is the Resilient Futures’ strategy framework used by organisations that are committed to re-setting how they think about and execute strategy – with a specific focus on leveraging disruption.

SiA is specially designed for planning in an age of exponential change where the speed, scale and scope of change is unprecedented and strategy formulation and execution need to be one and the same to ensure agile and timely responses to fast-changing environments. SiA is easy to learn and apply and can be used at a variety of levels within an organisation.

Resilient Futures thinking and the Strategy in Action framework is the foundation of the work I am doing because it is the only tool I know of that turns complexity into opportunity and enables multiple stakeholders to quickly grasp what is possible and to be involved.
— Kip Bergstrom, Deputy Commissioner, Dept. of Economic and Community Development, State of Connecticut, USA

The Resilient Futures Family

At Resilient Futures, we all come to work each day because we want to solve real problems.  We believe that with the right tools and thinking, anyone can turn their disruptors into a competitive advantage for their organisation.  We like to ask hard questions, and then look for as many answers as possible to decide the best course of action.  We strive to make a difference, and enjoy the knowledge that once an organisation works with us, they are a "client for life".

Advancing technology in communications together with a short commute to Melbourne and the Melbourne International Airport allows the Resilient Futures team to be happily based in the village of  Woodend, nestled at the foot of Mount Macedon in Victoria where the clear mountain air is conducive to creative and clear thinking.

larry quick.jpg

Larry Quick | Founder | Managing Director

Larry Quick is a strategist with significant global experience in both the corporate and civic sectors. He is the founder of Resilient Futures and the original developer of the Strategy in Action framework.

Larry has designed, led, and facilitated countless strategic programs that draw upon his expertise in corporate strategy, innovation, economic development, technology strategy, sustainability and resilience, and urban planning.

Larry is the primary author of Disrupted: Strategy for Exponential Change. Larry lives in Woodend, Victoria with his wife Helen.


David Platt | Director

David Platt is a strategist and expert facilitator with significant experience in education, social enterprise, community development and community resilience.

David has designed and led learning experiences that build strategic capability in leaders of organisations across Australia and the United States and is the co-author of Disrupted: Strategy for Exponential Change and The Disruption Readiness Test .

American by birth, when not commuting to Melbourne, David lives in Woodend, Victoria with his wife and two children.


Paul Szymkowiak | Strategist

Paul is a seasoned consultant, mentor and educator, with over 30 years experience helping organisations to overcome problems and make improvements in their solutions.

An adopter of iterative and agile practices, he is one of the authors of the Rational Unified Process, and an original member of the context-driven testing community.

Paul is also active within the international "Maker" community. He led the organisation of Australasia's first Maker Faire, and has co-created a space-research maker alliance.